Upcycling - our view

At Distressed but not Forsaken, we believe that different is good. Different is interesting. Different is unique. We like the fact that no two pieces of furniture we enhance are the same, and that when you buy from us you are truly getting something you can call your own.

In many cases the furniture we choose to upcycle has, over time, developed the inevitable battle scars of age. Be it a chip here or a bump there, these little idiosyncrasies are what we believe give each piece its individuality and provides a story to tell.

We look to embrace these markers of history, whilst at the same time bestowing a little love and attention of our own in order to breathe new life into these often unappreciated treasures.

Through this process we aim to provide furniture that is not only environmentally sustainable but also gives an added sense of style, character and history to any home it may grace. We hope you agree.